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Update to "Bike Trails in Central Florida - East"

Shingle Creek Trail in Orlando

SR 46 Trail Sanford to Kelly Park

Update to "Bike Trails in Central Florida - West"


Finally work started to construct a trail on Merritt Island to Playalinda Beach, the official start of the Coast to Coast Trail.

SR 50 Gap

This gap is 28 miles. In the east from Groveland to Tarrytown it is a 2-lane road with shoulder, sometimes very narrow. West of Tarrytown is construction in progress to widen to a 4-lane road with bike trail. For most of these 12 miles the trail is paved, but barricaded. Riders do go around and use it. Only for 2 miles along the construction of the new railroad bridge is no trail and no shoulder, the most dangerous part of the trail.

After the western part is finished construction will start in the east, the project should be finished 2 years from now.

This is a very good video of riding the whole gap (by Phonamana):

C2C Leg 3 Riding the NEW SR-50 Sumter Gap Bike Trail

Bike Riding SR-50 To Burwell Rd & The Richloam General Store On The South Sumter Gap Trail

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